Hello, I am Rohit Rohan. I am a marketer, poet, experimentalist, social entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. I am always an art lover and thus focus on the process than the outcome. I am a firm believer in tradition and Ayurveda.

Professionally, I am working in a technology company. I have also worked as a marketing management trainee in an FMCG company.

I am a voracious reader, loves playing volleyball, poems, and traveling. My favourite time is a conversation with my family and friends in the garden area with coffee.

I believe writing is the best way to express yourself.

Waybloggerss is my love for reading and writing. My experience, knowledge from books, growing health concerns, and the technology change are the major key factors for the introduction of Waybloggerss. It is an attempt to make people aware of their health, hygiene, food habits, and the new age technology. Time has changed, and so is the lifestyle and technology, and thus waybloggerss is the best treat to educate people on habits, behaviour, and values, and to cultivate the knowledge of new technologies. Waybloggerss is certainly a wholesome package for a healthier and progressing lifestyle.

Your (readers) love and appreciation motivates me to write more and more, and serve you the best work to benefit you.

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