Hyper-Personalization – A Data-Driven Marketing Strategy.

The modern era is the era of new-age people for whom technology and digital lifestyle become the center of livelihood and existence. Organizations too, change their perspective from mass-profiling to a data-centric approach. Companies’ focus, these days, in framing and implementation of marketing strategy stands upon data and thus coins a new strategic term – Hyper-Personalization. Defining hyper-personalization Hyper-Personalization is the real-time AI and Big Data-based strategy to create high customer experiences on a personalized level which helps organizations retain and acquire new customers. For example, RoRo decides to purchase a branded pair of black shoes for which, he browses … Continue reading Hyper-Personalization – A Data-Driven Marketing Strategy.

Digital Life is the New Normal. Are You Habituated to It?

From visiting mom and pop stores to online shopping, from self-cooking to ordering online food, from meeting in person to texting on social media sites, from waiting in a bank queue to making online transactions, from kundli matching to finding a match online, from working in an office to working from home, from playing in the ground to playing in smartphones, habits change. This change in habits leads to a new life called Digital life. Digital life is, simply, an online foot-printing. It makes people more independent and provides flexibility to live a life they imagine. Smartphone and better internet … Continue reading Digital Life is the New Normal. Are You Habituated to It?