Why is Communication Important for Human Life?

Humans are the best, strongest, and intelligent creatures on this earth. The tendency of feeling, thinking, smiling, expressing, and accepting differentiates them from other creatures. Everything on this earth plants, trees, herbs, shrubs, animals, birds, insects including humans communicates. The means of communication can be different but the essence is the same. Different species communicate in different languages, let’s say in their languages, which is accompanied by their behaviour or we can say their communication determines their behaviour or vice-versa.

Humans have added advantages of smiling, speaking different languages, expressing themselves through words and gestures. Each communication is important even if it is between humans, between animals, and between humans and their pets. Verbal communication is definitely impressive but non-verbal communication is skilful and spectacular. Undoubtedly humans are better at them than other species. I am not going into the history of communication but must say humans’ habit of risk-taking and innovation keeps updating the ways of communication. Sometimes our eyes, body language, posture, and gestures are enough to communicate.

Communication is as important as breathing. Humans can not imagine their life without interaction with others. In a true sense, communication is oxygen for relationships, mental and physical health, and it is proactive in spreading knowledge. We should not forget reading, writing, watching visuals, and listening are wings of communication. Interaction with people helps to understand the opinions, feelings, and ideas of surrounding people. It also defines people’s actions. One of the greatest reasons for communication is that everyone wants to be understood and listened to.

Communication is an eminent player in personal and professional life. People, in personal life, need to communicate to deal with various concerns and issues in daily life. It, in professional life, helps to build healthy relations, credibility with co-workers, and fosters a friendly working environment. Mere talking is not communication, but the exchange of thoughts, information, experiences, and teachings. Communication helps people to understand others. The inability to communicate can lead to various uninvited problems.

Communication is important for business too. Business communication means communication undertaken by organisations with the purpose to achieve specific goals or objectives and meet the needs of the organisation. Today communication is involved in almost all areas of business including managerial, clerical, technical, sales, and social positions. Imagine what would happen to activities like production, sales, advertising, marketing, customer relationship, finance, welfare, etc. if there is an absence of communication. For a moment let’s remove communication from our life, we all will start feeling void. It’s like the end of this existence.

Communication actually links people together and creates a bond with each other. It helps in achieving  common goals, maintains good public relations. Effective communication helps in conflict resolution and various crises. It also shapes people and changes their mindset.

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” – Anthony Robbins

The Last Corner

Communication is the deep root of the human existence. Considering communication as a synonym for the human existence won’t be wrong. One can not think of a life without communication, or without having a conversation for a longer duration.

One thought on “Why is Communication Important for Human Life?

  1. Aren’t quantum physicists saying that quanta is all about information exchange? James Jeans (1877 – 1946) said that the universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. Maybe consciousness is all around us and all we do is reduce it into experience. What do you think?


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