Alcohol Advertisement Affecting Youths

Advertisement is one of the methods of creating brand awareness and brand positioning. This stands true for the alcoholic beverage industry too. Alcoholic beverage companies spend $1-$2 billion each year in advertisements through print and broadcast media. Alcoholic advertisement is the promotion of alcoholic beverages. It, along with tobacco advertising, is one of the most regulated forms of marketing. It faces a lot of criticism for misleading the harmful effect of alcohol consumption like the risk of cancer. In most of the countries, it is either banned or advertised with a statutory warning. What is Being Advertised in Alcohol Advertisement? … Continue reading Alcohol Advertisement Affecting Youths

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. Are You One of Them?

Social media has become a part of today’s lifestyle. Everyone aims to connect globally and to enrich this goal social media platforms work favourably. Social media develops its charm from starting your day with checking out social media feeds to ending your day doing the same. Social media as the name suggests making you social and connecting you globally but virtually. You are not present physically everywhere, but it mesmerizes you with the happy and thrilling contents shared by your peers and friends. Gradually, you develop a habit of regularly updating yourself with your friends’ feeds and stories. And, in … Continue reading FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. Are You One of Them?

Big Brands or Local Products. The Decision is Yours.

Decision making is always considered as the cognitive process. It includes beliefs, identifying, and choosing alternatives based on values, knowledge, research, and preferences of decision-makers. It can be both easy and difficult, for a decision-maker, to make choice. And, if the choice is to be made for health and wellness, a decision-maker is always very picky and careful. In marketing, decision-makers are always consumers. Nowadays, a large portion of consumers is cutting themselves away from using unhealthy and unhygienic products. Local products, Natural and Organic products, especially in food and beverage sectors, are high on demand.  Food and Beverages product … Continue reading Big Brands or Local Products. The Decision is Yours.

Have You Ever Cared for Your Emotional Health as Much as Your Physical Health?

Head and Tail are the two phases of a coin, similarly, a healthy body has two sides emotional health and physical health. For a healthy life, you must balance your emotional health and physical health, ignorance of one can lead you to an unhealthy and other serious consequence. According to WHO ‘There is no health without mental/emotional health’. Many things happen in your life that can challenge your emotional health. People having good health are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Are you aware of your behavior, thoughts, and feelings? Have you ever paid attention to your emotional training … Continue reading Have You Ever Cared for Your Emotional Health as Much as Your Physical Health?

How Regular Exercise is Affecting Your Fitness?

A sound mind lives in a sound body. This proverb proves the importance of physical and mental fitness. Regular Exercise profoundly plays a vital role in maintaining your physique and mental health. Regular exercise can improve your physical fitness and keep your heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy and active. It also makes you energetic and free from many diseases and other mental ailments. Physical fitness does not care for age and thus it is applicable for all age groups. How regular exercise is responsible for your quality fitness? Responsible for Healthy Muscles and Strong Bones You can get a … Continue reading How Regular Exercise is Affecting Your Fitness?

How to remain efficient while @ Work from Home?

Have you ever imagined going beyond the office culture and suddenly start practising work from home lifestyle? Certainly, I have not. Whole world is now adapting work from home, thanks to global pandemic Covid-19. Adapting changes are tough but to maintain it is tougher. So, how can you remain productive while working from your recliner or couch or kitchen or bedroom? These five approaches can help you cultivate your time away from office. Maintaining a regular schedule Setting a regular schedule always presents a good start to the day, it also helps enhancing your efficiency and keeping you motivated and … Continue reading How to remain efficient while @ Work from Home?