Why is Communication Important for Human Life?

Humans are the best, strongest, and intelligent creatures on this earth. The tendency of feeling, thinking, smiling, expressing, and accepting differentiates them from other creatures. Everything on this earth plants, trees, herbs, shrubs, animals, birds, insects including humans communicates. The means of communication can be different but the essence is the same. Different species communicate in different languages, let’s say in their languages, which is accompanied by their behaviour or we can say their communication determines their behaviour or vice-versa. Humans have added advantages of smiling, speaking different languages, expressing themselves through words and gestures. Each communication is important even … Continue reading Why is Communication Important for Human Life?

Cloud Computing – A Brief Description.

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer services like data storage, application migration, etc. based on the “pay-as-you-go” model. Instead of saving and recording file/s in hard drives or manually handled registers, cloud-based storage facilitates to save them to a remote database for lifelong. Cloud computing gains popularity for screening and gathering data for fireballs, intrusion identification, counteractive action framework, etc. and rewarding cost savings, increased productivity, performance, efficiency, and security. The availability of cloud-based services is limited to private cloud (single customer based) and public cloud (shared with multiple customers). Cloud computing in layman language is a virtual … Continue reading Cloud Computing – A Brief Description.

Happiness Comes From Solving Problems.

Problems are an eminent part of life. We can not imagine a life without curves or problems. Solving a problem is directly proportional to happiness. The more we solve problems, the happier we are. Solving a problem leads to the birth of another problem and thus, it is an ongoing process. When we start solving a problem on obesity (as an example) new problems like getting up early, and going for work out, finding the right gym, taking proper diets seem challenging, but accepting them and putting continuous effort to cope with these challenges open a way to happiness. We … Continue reading Happiness Comes From Solving Problems.

Is the Internet Creating Social Isolation?

Humans and society are interdependent. Social interaction is the key to develop a strong bond between one individual and another/s. From the Primal human era to the new age technology era, everything evolves – human, society, thoughts, relationship, comfortabilities, and standard of living. But social interaction wins to maintain its status and fame despite the change in its medium from togetherness to social media interaction. The Internet is a primary and conveniently available network across the world. It is addictive and easy to use. It captivates humans to such an extent that (you may have noticed) people restrict themselves to … Continue reading Is the Internet Creating Social Isolation?

Dieting vs Lifestyle Change. What is Your Practice?

Most of the people are often confused to choose between dieting and lifestyle change. Are you also one of them? Let’s have a close look at dieting and lifestyle change that might help you in making your decision. Dieting Dieting is very popular among today’s generations. It has become a synonym for weight loss. The number of people going on dieting every year increases rapidly. Choosing a proper and balanced diet under the supervision of a dietitian is the first step to lose weight. Dieting aims to weight loss but for short term. It is a practice of eating food … Continue reading Dieting vs Lifestyle Change. What is Your Practice?

Lessons Should be Learnt from Family.

Family! everyone has a family and without family survival in this world is a bit difficult. Family means a group of people living together either by consanguinity or affinity. A family generally consists of parents, children, and grand-parents. In the Indian culture joint family is widely preferable and without a grand-parents family is incomplete. Learning starts from family. Our lifestyle and habits depend on our family background and cultural practices. In a true sense a person’s behaviour, attitude, and lifestyle are the reflection of their family background. This blog is dedicated to all the families in the world and thus … Continue reading Lessons Should be Learnt from Family.

Digital Life is the New Normal. Are You Habituated to It?

From visiting mom and pop stores to online shopping, from self-cooking to ordering online food, from meeting in person to texting on social media sites, from waiting in a bank queue to making online transactions, from kundli matching to finding a match online, from working in an office to working from home, from playing in the ground to playing in smartphones, habits change. This change in habits leads to a new life called Digital life. Digital life is, simply, an online foot-printing. It makes people more independent and provides flexibility to live a life they imagine. Smartphone and better internet … Continue reading Digital Life is the New Normal. Are You Habituated to It?

Alcohol Advertisement Affecting Youths

Advertisement is one of the methods of creating brand awareness and brand positioning. This stands true for the alcoholic beverage industry too. Alcoholic beverage companies spend $1-$2 billion each year in advertisements through print and broadcast media. Alcoholic advertisement is the promotion of alcoholic beverages. It, along with tobacco advertising, is one of the most regulated forms of marketing. It faces a lot of criticism for misleading the harmful effect of alcohol consumption like the risk of cancer. In most of the countries, it is either banned or advertised with a statutory warning. What is Being Advertised in Alcohol Advertisement? … Continue reading Alcohol Advertisement Affecting Youths

Have You Ever Cared for Your Emotional Health as Much as Your Physical Health?

Head and Tail are the two phases of a coin, similarly, a healthy body has two sides emotional health and physical health. For a healthy life, you must balance your emotional health and physical health, ignorance of one can lead you to an unhealthy and other serious consequence. According to WHO ‘There is no health without mental/emotional health’. Many things happen in your life that can challenge your emotional health. People having good health are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Are you aware of your behavior, thoughts, and feelings? Have you ever paid attention to your emotional training … Continue reading Have You Ever Cared for Your Emotional Health as Much as Your Physical Health?