Public Cloud: Definition, Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages

The Public cloud is a cloud deployment model that is delivered over the public internet to multiple users or customers by the third-party providers. This can be offered as a paid service or free of charge to anyone who wishes to purchase or use them. Public cloud service providers may offer cloud-based services like Iaas (Infrastructure as a service), Paas (Platform as a service), and Saas (Software as a service) to users on monthly or pay-per-use charges providing no need to hosting these services on-site in their own data center. Public Cloud can save customers or clients from the expensive … Continue reading Public Cloud: Definition, Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Cloud Computing – A Brief Description.

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer services like data storage, application migration, etc. based on the “pay-as-you-go” model. Instead of saving and recording file/s in hard drives or manually handled registers, cloud-based storage facilitates to save them to a remote database for lifelong. Cloud computing gains popularity for screening and gathering data for fireballs, intrusion identification, counteractive action framework, etc. and rewarding cost savings, increased productivity, performance, efficiency, and security. The availability of cloud-based services is limited to private cloud (single customer based) and public cloud (shared with multiple customers). Cloud computing in layman language is a virtual … Continue reading Cloud Computing – A Brief Description.

Hyper-Personalization – A Data-Driven Marketing Strategy.

The modern era is the era of new-age people for whom technology and digital lifestyle become the center of livelihood and existence. Organizations too, change their perspective from mass-profiling to a data-centric approach. Companies’ focus, these days, in framing and implementation of marketing strategy stands upon data and thus coins a new strategic term – Hyper-Personalization. Defining hyper-personalization Hyper-Personalization is the real-time AI and Big Data-based strategy to create high customer experiences on a personalized level which helps organizations retain and acquire new customers. For example, RoRo decides to purchase a branded pair of black shoes for which, he browses … Continue reading Hyper-Personalization – A Data-Driven Marketing Strategy.

Digital Life is the New Normal. Are You Habituated to It?

From visiting mom and pop stores to online shopping, from self-cooking to ordering online food, from meeting in person to texting on social media sites, from waiting in a bank queue to making online transactions, from kundli matching to finding a match online, from working in an office to working from home, from playing in the ground to playing in smartphones, habits change. This change in habits leads to a new life called Digital life. Digital life is, simply, an online foot-printing. It makes people more independent and provides flexibility to live a life they imagine. Smartphone and better internet … Continue reading Digital Life is the New Normal. Are You Habituated to It?