Wake Up Early to Boost Your Day.

Imagine waking up at 4 am and 5 am. Shocked? Not a big deal most of us will be. For us, morning sleep is the loveliest event not to compromise with. Despite loving the sunrise and sun kisses we hate to wake up early. But honestly, we all agree that the morning is serene, beautiful, tranquil, and soothing, aren’t we? Is it really impossible or insane to get up at 5 am or even earlier in the morning?

Think of the complacency of relief on getting up early in the morning, say 4 am or 5 am, before anything is there to bother. No phone calls, no noise, no disturbances, no texts, no emails, less pollution, getting uninterrupted time to work, etc.

By the time most are getting out of bed, early risers are able to finish their half day work like exercise, planning for the day, setting priorities, breakfast, reading-writing, etc. Eventually, the early riser gets the head start of the day. Exercise in the morning, brisk walking, jogging, and exposure to sunlight can help stimulate metabolism and body temperature.

Early rising is not rocket science it is practised since ancient times. Even in Hinduism, it is popularly known as “Brahma Muhurt” means the time of Brahman which is a period precisely one and a half hour before sunrise. It is also called ‘The creator’s time’. Traditionally, it is considered an auspicious time for yoga, meditation, rituals, and learning. In Indian culture and families, it is common for kids or students to get up during this period to practise their learnings or teachings or courses.

In the context of religious observances, spiritual writers have cited early rising practice “the heroic minute”.

Early rising is not a goal to achieve in a day or months but a first step to boost your day. It should be practised regularly. Something which is practised regularly is viewed as routine and discipline. Routine and discipline are the practises training mind and body to obey rules and regulate actions in accordance with a particular system. They certainly encourage self-discipline that provides strength to overcome addiction, procrastination, laziness and enable us to observe our thoughts, behaviour, and actions. Sooner or later, they lead to improvement and success.   

Early wake-up is a route to be more organised. To wake up early we must go to bed early. Have we ever noticed we go to sleep with an idea of better tomorrow? But after rising life happens as usual. No clues to breakfast, witness traffic, spend time in searching socks or shoelaces, etc. But the things are different with early risers, they plan their day according to their priorities and other unavoidable circumstances. In nutshell, they create a series of approachable goals and organise everything according to their goals and needs.

Getting up early advances us with ‘me time’. This is the time to analyse our thoughts, behaviour, problems, etc. A peaceful morning adds to decision-making ability by making us more cognitive, energetic, and organised. Every morning regular exercise helps improvement in body and brain functionality.

Possibilities and probabilities do not have limits. For some early morning is a drag. Some may find early risers more efficient than night owls. For which night owls may disagree as (according to them) there is no harm in getting work done in the last hours of the day. This may lead to arguments or debates but most of us are conditioned to be more active and fresher during the early hours of the day.

The fact is everything is dependent on the conditioning provided to the body and brain. But another fact is our brain becomes more active and more receptive once we wake up. The serene of early morning and early rising habit proves to be more productive and efficient for the body and mind. We may have personal reasons to wake up early but the other factors like enthusiasm and high job satisfaction aid eagerness to wake up early and get to work.

The Last Corner

We should not move with exaggeration and bragging related to waking up early. This may not lead to instant success (if someone aims at it) but the regularity, prioritizing, and discipline. Because everyone is different and possesses a different body cycle and sleep cycle. Before bringing any changes to our body and behaviour we should understand them properly without ignoring the benefits of early morning. And for humans, nothing is impossible even getting up early.

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