Internal Conflict – A Battle Within.

Battles within and without start with our birth. Nobody on this planet is free from conflict. Conflict is a part of life, in one line, it is an uninvited association from birth to die which everyone has to participate in. Our hearts and minds are battlegrounds and we are warriors, and at every stage we fight to win, to achieve better result, to be comparatively good, to get respect, to bring changes in the society, and to conquer so many things floating in the air.

Yes, That’s the truth. Most of us fail to accept or we can say unwilling to accept disagreement, and thus the chaos within and out emerge. Internal conflict is nothing but a disagreement between our mind and heart. It is undeniable, and sometimes it affects our decision-making abilities. Just because the constant, violent (emotional), and deep-down battle going on within ourselves are either conscious or unconscious.  

This internal conflict battle follows continuous and unending process. Everything we do, our relationships, decisions, and activities are highly affected with it. It creates barricades on our intelligence and drives our actions. The tendency of focussing more on dark sides shifts our inclination from fulfilment to scarcity because of that we always try to either suppress it or escape from it or find a way of conquering it. A sense of frustration, sorrow, jealousy, etc also gets shelter in ourselves.

In our daily life everyone of us feels stuck in a situation or rushes between two choices. At this point our mind and heart are split into two and act oppositely.

Some of the daily life examples of internal conflict.

  • We want a healthier lifestyle but we are not ready for commitment.
  • We want to achieve better and make decision on the current role in our life but we are reluctant to be in our comfort zone.
  • Setting up boundaries and priority list to follow in our life but we are in conflict of doing so.

Seeding agents for internal conflict.

Heart is a very important part of our body and has a special kind of intuitive intelligence that makes it dominant. Our most of the decisions are heart-based because our heart easily gets involve in our surroundings, emotions, societies, customs, cultures, and many more. This special intuitive intelligence is abstract, subtle, and non-linear that has no formula or rules to analyse or to infer but the mind/brain always works logically and rationally.

Our brain/mind gives a rational, logical, and practical direction to our life. It has a habit of questioning almost everything. Because it believes in unleashing the layer and uncovering the invisible challenges to get better results. Our mind regulates our life, structures it, and adds right dose of truth to it. But our heart feeds to our soul.  

Balancing between heart and mind is unavoidable and both follows different and opposite routes and lacks equanimity and balance which germinates the seed of internal conflict.

Internal conflict too has its negative impact.

  • Resentment
  • A sense of injustice
  • Envy
  • Self-aggrandisement
  • Self-pity
Theoretical model of relations among ten motivational types of values.

So, is it possible to live a life without conflict?

This question may seem very easy but most of us never ask this and never try to answer or find the right answer to this. Conflict is normal and there is no way to live a life without conflict. The ancient teacher and philosopher ‘Acharya Chanakya’ have also faced internal conflicts many times in his early life and then decided to be a king maker rather than being a king. Every decision materialises after overcoming conflict/s.

So, there is no way to live a life without conflict and if it happens then we will lose learning and questioning. There is no method, no process to eliminate conflict from our life but we can learn ways to improve ourselves to overcome internal conflict and act rationally.

Ways to overcome internal conflict.

Clarifying the conflict – Internal conflict occurs because something attacks seriously on our belief or routine. It becomes our duty and responsibility to understand our needs and to be clear on what really matters. In case of the internal conflict some internal dialogues run. We should note down the associated aspects. These will help us in determining what is the most important to us and which further clarifies the conflict.

Self-awareness – Lack of self-awareness can be one of the factors maturing the internal conflicts. Self-awareness improves our lifestyle by focussing on what is important to us and ignoring the useless activities like unnecessary arguments, discussions, etc. A self-aware human always knows how to overcome the internal conflicts.

Acceptance and stop ignoring internal vices – We should always accept the internal conflicts if they arise. Acceptance is the first thing to do as it motivates us not to ignore problems or issues or internal voices in conflict. Ignorance is a path taking to the darkness but acceptance is a ladder to a well-being lifestyle. We must honour our conversation no matter if it is helpful or not.

Acceptance brings intensity and intensity is not just a concentration but an energy too. We remain energetic if we have lower internal conflict.

The Last Corner

Conflict in any form internal or external are destructive. It makes our mind dull, heavy, guilt-stricken, and stupid. A mind in conflict becomes uncreative and prone to many psychosomatic diseases.

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