The Importance of Reading Books.

How often do you read books? Are you in the habit of reading books? Is it okay for you to spend more time on social media than to read magazines or articles? When was the last time you read a book, article, magazine, etc? Well, I believe the answer will differ from person to person.

But most of the people love to be in their comfort zone and do not wish to develop new habits, and they find reading boring, time-consuming, not possible after a certain age, and make excuses like difficult to carry books, get sleep soon after picking up a book, watching TV or binge-watching is more comfortable than reading. Despite these, the number of hours spent reading across the world is increasing every year.

After a view on this index, the importance of reading seems innocuous and authentic.  

Benefits of reading books

Mental Stimulation – The brain is an essential part of the body and it also needs rest and exercise like other muscles to keep itself healthy and strong. Reading is the best exercise for the brain that helps develop new neurons at any age, keeps the brain active and engaged which prevents it from losing power. Also, staying mentally stimulated can slow the risk of Dementia and other such ailments.

Lower stress level – Engaging yourself in a story, for which reading books is the best way, is one way to stay away from professional and personal stress. A well-crafted story sways mood to the other realms lowering current tension and pressure. It’s not only a story or novel but an article, blog, or report that keeps up the mood with the content flow and thus distracts from daily stress and tension.

Brings more empathy, creativity, and imagination – A good story allows readers to live multi-life in different circumstances which bring out characteristic to relate emotionally with characters in the story/novel. That’s how it makes readers more empathetic, creative, and imaginative. Books are like the ocean the more you dive in the more depth you find.

Become better at conversation – Regular reading sharpens thought and brings depth to different scenarios and topics. It enables readers to start a conversation or discussion in various areas like politics, social issues, art, lifestyle, cinema, etc.

Improves focus and concentration – Reading a novel, article, or even a paragraph needs focus to understand and pursue what one reads. Reading can be a therapy to the obsession with todays distractions like mobile, social media, etc, and strengthens brain functioning that brings in more focus and concentration.

Help generate ideas and gain knowledge – Staying in the present moment is the common culture while reading as it holds readers to breathe with the story and characters. Certainly, different stories, different plots, different genres generate more ideas and help gain knowledge and explore the variety.

Improves memory – Comprehension is an integral part of reading.  While reading, our brain retains pieces of information about the characters, plots, story which acts as an exercise for brain and stimulates our state of mind and thus, improves memory.

Reading aloud to children has a lasting impact – Reading aloud to children and making it a part of their daily routine helps them to cultivate good habits, improve their vocabulary and thought process. This has a long-lasting impact on children.

Tranquillity – Reading habit does not only relaxes the reader but also brings immense inner peace and tranquillity. For an immense sense of calm, reading spiritual texts and books can be a better option as it lowers blood pressure whereas reading self-help books can improve mood disorders and reduces stress too.

Gives a new way and a different perspective to life – Exposure is always a fundamental part of the human lifestyle. Reading also exposes to new things, new information, new thoughts, new understanding, new ways, new visions to understand situations or circumstances and take appropriate decisions. It provides readers a broader perspective, gives them clarity on situations, opens up their mind, and help them to accept changes.

Boosts sleep – Reading is like a sleeping pill and before bed, it relaxes and calms down body and brain, especially after a stressful day. It also improves sleep quality and can lead to deep and restful sleep.

The Last Corner

Reading is not a task, not an activity but a fun and a habit to enjoy and cultivate. Reading a single day is not going to impact our lifestyle but a regular reading habit can. It is always our choice to choose best for ourselves then why can’t we chose reading and add it to our daily routine. Let’s start with reading half an hour a day, believe me, very soon it will increase to 2 hours a day because reading is contagious.

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