Good Sleep Welcomes Good Health

A fast-moving era, no time for rest, lucrative environment, lavishing lifestyle may motivate people to work round the clock. Working effortlessly to achieve the desired goal is really appreciable but certainly not at the cost of good health.

Good health means total well-being which is the result of a combination of physical, social, emotional, and intellectual factors. The amount of rest and sleep affect emotions and performances, and they are always the key to good health and a happy mood. The more exhausted our brain and body is, the more rest and sleep they need.

Most of the adults or grown-up people brag about sleeping less and find it cool as well. Someone may think to perform exceptionally without proper sleep. Someone may talk about quality sleep instead of quantity sleep. But a body and factors like environment, society, social norms, level of tiredness, or human genes determine quantity and quality of sleep. Different age groups and body types require a different amount of sleep and rest.

Waking up every day feeling tired or feeling sleepy during the daytime or both are signs of not having proper rest or sleep. Redness, puffiness, dark circle, and bags under the eyes are also signs of poor shut-eye. As the changing lifestyle, continuous work pressure, hectic schedules allow the prevalence of inadequate sleep which directly affects health and well-being.

A lack of continuous restful sleep becomes the root for higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, cognitive decline, obesity, fatigue, short temper, increase in stress hormone, insomnia, and other body disorders. An occasional night without sleep brings tiredness and irritation but does not harm health. A prolonged lack of sleep may affect judgement, decisions, and may follow accidents and injury.

Measuring the level of performance affected by sleep deprivation is difficult because of individual differences in sensitivity, cognition level, and body type. Many ideate sleep as a luxury and believe that the benefits of limiting the hours of sleep outweigh their performance and costs. But people often outlook the benefits of getting a sound sleep on overall health.

Getting enough sleep each day is one of the most important contributions to reducing ill-health and bringing well-being.

Sleeping well makes one energetic, feel better, alert, exotic, and brings body functions on track resulting in total well-being. It not only refreshes mood but also heals and repairs heart and blood vessels. During a sound sleep brain remains active and works profoundly but its activity varies during sleep due to body temperature, environment, breathing, and other such factors.

Good sleep is the best cure for many ailments and is the best meditation that helps the body to recover from illness. It enhances productivity and strengthens the immune too. Plenty of restful sleep favours relaxation and a happy mood that help in reducing blood pressure and keeping it under control.

The Last Corner

Since everything is available on-demand so is sleep, medication is easy enough to get sound sleep as most people consider sleep a need but it is a body function which is uncontrollable. One may spend one or a couple of days without sleep but not without taking naps. Thinking and practising less hours of sleep may be attractive but is harmful in long run. There should not be a second thought about living a healthy life. Get restful sleep and live a healthy life.


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