Happiness Comes From Solving Problems.

Problems are an eminent part of life. We can not imagine a life without curves or problems. Solving a problem is directly proportional to happiness. The more we solve problems, the happier we are.

Solving a problem leads to the birth of another problem and thus, it is an ongoing process. When we start solving a problem on obesity (as an example) new problems like getting up early, and going for work out, finding the right gym, taking proper diets seem challenging, but accepting them and putting continuous effort to cope with these challenges open a way to happiness.

We learn to be happy and solve problems from the early stage of our life. As a child we learn to sit, speak, stand, and run after putting a lot of effort by us and by our parents, and the happiness can be clearly seen in our parent’s eyes.

Happiness is nothing but the satisfaction of realising our capabilities and utilising it on time.

Problems get either upgraded or exchanged, they never stop. We can not even think of avoiding and denying problems. Once we start practising these we restrict ourselves from happiness and unlock the door of miserable life. Avoiding a problem questions our capabilities and induces a thought of ‘unable to solve it’.

As we grow up, on facing a problem we circumscribe us between two factors – state of denial and victim mentality. Where the former pushes us away from reality, and brings insecurity and emotional repression, while the latter convinces us that the problem is unsolvable and the circumstances are responsible for it.

Happiness is not a goal to achieve and is not magical in appearance but a constant form of action which comes out from solving problems. But it never means we would be happy every day. No, we can’t.

Happiness is directly associated with our emotion and our emotion responds according to the circumstances and problems we face. Our enjoyment in the process of solving problems shapes our happiness.

How to solve a problem –

Acceptance – Acceptance of the problem is the first step towards solving it. If we do not accept a problem we can not solve it. The denial stage always gives temporary happiness but accepting a problem shows hundreds or even more ways to solve it. Because the focus remains on the solution and the process to solve a problem.

Understanding the problems – Understanding problems based on their nature, situation, associated obstacles, concerned people or circumstances give a vivid picture of them which helps in getting broader ideas for solving them.

This also prevents us from making assumptions.

Turning a problem into questions – Asking a question always bring possibilities and ways to solve it. it helps to get focus on solutions without being distracted.

Some of the common questions can be tried-

  • Why is this a problem?
  • How does this problem arrive?
  • What are the reasons behind it?
  • To what extent this can affect us?
  • Am I able to solve it alone or do I need a help from knowns?

These questions and tips prevent us from running behind happiness and inspire us to keep our feet in reality and follow the process that opens roads to happiness.

The Last Corner

Problems are always unexpected and its unexpected arrivals baffle us which overcomplicate the situation. We should not lose our patience and faith in ourselves as these weapons always help in downsizing all the problems. Once we learn to solve problems in our life happiness starts persisting and we become addicted to it. This is the only addiction that we should be in habit of.

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