Procrastination and Its Reasons.

Abhay – Hey Manish, can you help me in doing my Marketing communication assignment to be submitted on 3rd November as something is not clear to me? Are you done with that?

Manish – Chill, brother, I have not even started yet. We have a lot of time to complete our assignment.

Abhay – Right, but it would be hectic doing it in the 11th hour, and we have only seven days left to submit.

Manish – Relax, everything will happen on time.

Abhay – Alright, you keep doing this at the last moment. All the best.

On 1st November

Manish – Hey Abhay, remember, we need to submit our Marketing Communication assignment on 3rd November, are you done with that? Please help me, as the submission deadline is near.

Abhay – What do you want for help? You have a lot of time, and everything will happen on time. All the best.

Manish – Brother, I am about to start that now, just suggest to me some important points to ponder.

Abhay – Ok, I send you the points but take them as a suggestion, and make your project. Right?

Manish – Right, Thank you.

The conversation between Abhay and Manish has reminded me of my college days, which is quite common between (Indian) college students. It is an example of delaying a task and handling the same in the last hour. It is not wrong to say that Manish is in the habit of procrastination. Maybe Manish is intentionally or unintentionally delaying the task, but procrastination is a common human habit. Almost everyone is a procrastinator. So, what exactly procrastination is?

Procrastination is to put off something until tomorrow i.e. it is a habit or action of delaying or postponing something. It is also completing a task at the last moment. Generally, procrastination is perceived as a negative, and bad habit. Some may find it a challenge that they face at one point or another in life. Sometimes, the situation demands procrastination, but most of the time is intentional or habituated.

Procrastination is different than laziness. Laziness is an unwillingness to do a task, whereas procrastination is delaying a task for a certain time. It is neither a disease nor a body ailment, but an emotionally driven habit.

The real reasons you procrastinate — and how to stop - The Washington Post

Reasons for Procrastination

Bad Mood – Yes, you read it right. A bad mood is the biggest reason for delaying a task. Whenever you start doing your work the inner you be like ‘please, not now, stop for a while, let’s do it from tomorrow’. Such emotions always captivate and prevent us from doing a task immediately. Boredom, anxiety, frustration, comfort zone, self-doubt can be the reasons for a bad mood. A bad mood is emotionally driven, it has nothing to do with time management ability.  

Lack of Awareness – Not being aware of the importance of time and project is also a reason behind procrastination. Unawareness always reduces the importance of something and is normal with any individual.

Stress – Stress is a very common reason for procrastination. Your level of stress determines the activity you do. The more you stress out the more you procrastinate. Stress and delaying are best friends if you delay something you will be stressed to complete that on time and if you stress out you will delay a task.

Indecisiveness – Indecisiveness is the inability to make a decision on time. Unclear vision about the project, too many available options, unavailability of team members, are some of the reasons of indecisive resulting delaying of a task.

Perfectionism – Perfectionism means avoiding and not committing mistakes. It develops a fear of making mistakes resulting in not taking appropriate actions on time. Delaying a task because of not making mistakes becomes a common practice for a perfectionist. Though it ensures the quality of work at the same time, it takes too much time to complete that work because of procrastination.

Low Self-confidence – Self-confidence is the biggest tool to do anything in life. A low self-confidence reflects person’s inability to successfully achieve any task. A low self-confident person gets nervous too soon and starts delaying their assigned task because they don’t believe in themselves and their potential.  

Comfort Zone – A person habituated to be in their comfort zone tend to be a procrastinator. Such a person does not wish to break ice and love to be in their self-called luxurious space (comfort zone). For the same reason, they delay their work so as not to compromise with their comfort zone. In the above conversation, Manish may love to be in his comfort zone and delaying his work untill the last moment.

In the next blog, I am sharing with you some tips to overcome procrastination.

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