Are You a Daydreamer? Yes, I Am.

Daydream is a fantasy in awakening. It is pleasant feelings and thoughts that detach you from the reality of the moment and present. The imagination in Daydream pushes you to cloud nine, an exotic feeling dwells in you, and you resist yourselves to get out of it. Do you remember the heaven scene with clear foggy clouds in 90’s Indian mythological TV serials or movies where Gods used to spend a luxurious and lucrative life? Daydreaming escorts you to that level of happiness and satisfaction.

I believe everyone happens to be a daydreamer. Some can be more, while some can be less. A daydreamer is one who is not present in the reality of the moment but boarded on a flight of fancy. They are very much prone to make air castles, making imaginary friends, and believe to be there because of their fancy and capricious thoughts.

Daydreaming affects positively and negatively in life. It depends on the total time spent on Daydreaming. Generally, a shy and introvert, daydream a lot. Practically, they do not have a lot of friends in life and thus feel happy making imaginary friends in their minds and living lives of their choice. They do all the weird and crazy stuff which they wish to do publicly or with friends.

Many think Daydream is an enemy of creativity, but I believe it is a supporter of creativity. Creativity itself is an imagination, and imagination can not be an enemy of other imagination because it is not human. Daydreaming creates a free world and allows the brain to move freely.

When I was in depression for years, I realized Daydreaming my one of the close companions. It was hard for me to handle myself, and I used to be one of the spoilers. I was losing interest in my daily stuff which, I love to do like playing volleyball, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. Gradually, I started spending time with me, detaching myself from others, and thinking about my guilt, failure, and vacant space in my life and loneliness shelters in me.  

I started focusing on my thoughts and kept thinking about my emotions, feelings, behaviour, and imagination. I created an imaginary world in my mind where I could live in my way, and I could do whatever I wish. I loved this world (daydream) because I was getting everything of my interest. The best thing I started penning all my thoughts on paper, even the smallest one, good or bad, my success and failure, and all my wishes. Over the time, I started giving them the shape of poems and articles, and I started fulfilling them in real life. Daydreaming gave a new start to my thoughts and emotion.

Yes, Daydreaming made me a little lazy and lethargic, but I discovered a new me now, I am more empathetic than earlier, and I can connect with people easily. My laziness has gradually faded away, and I have become more realistic and creative because of my thoughts and emotions. Today, I do not afraid to talk to strangers, and even I start the conversation. These are not achievable in a day; I took a long time to cope with my depression and convert my thoughts into creativity.

Excess of everything is worse, whether it is eating or Daydreaming. If daydreaming is continuously having negative and guilt-stricken thoughts prove harmful and can lead to mental illness. Excessive daydreaming can cause to lose focus, forget important information or task, and interfere with productivity.

The Last Corner

Everything has its two phases, so as daydreaming. It is always our choice of why and how to bring something into our practice and life. “Excess use of everything is worse”; an olden saying is the thumb rule of our lifestyle. Considering daydreaming a waste of time may be an injustice to imagination and creativity.

I have shared my Daydreaming experience, and I believe everyone may experience daydreaming differently. Try to experience and acknowledge the situation and scenario with your experience as it differs with the person.

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