Is the Internet Creating Social Isolation?

Humans and society are interdependent. Social interaction is the key to develop a strong bond between one individual and another/s. From the Primal human era to the new age technology era, everything evolves – human, society, thoughts, relationship, comfortabilities, and standard of living. But social interaction wins to maintain its status and fame despite the change in its medium from togetherness to social media interaction.

The Internet is a primary and conveniently available network across the world. It is addictive and easy to use. It captivates humans to such an extent that (you may have noticed) people restrict themselves to their mobiles and laptops. Internet with its driving tools like mobile and laptop gains the status of a parallel world.

The shift in choices like shopping from brick and mortar shops to online, from visiting Dhaba and restaurant to ordering food online, from meeting in person to social media interactions, from following a girl to swiping right or left, from understanding responsibilities in a relationship to starting and ending relations on social media, creates a parallel world. Of course, this is not the real world but the virtual. Ask yourself, how well are you connected with people today? It is genuinely the truth, having a thousand friends on your social media sites but almost no one to share your feelings and emotions, spend time together, no one to stand with you in your odds and evens. These may not be true with everyone, but mostly.

Today we don’t need people to crack a joke, read memes on social media, relate them with yourselves, and show your emotions accordingly. No need to meet people in person and no more social gathering at a place, interact with the people and make a social group on social media, the job is done. Isn’t it limited to formalities? Children these days are like – hey buddies, let’s play games online. Is online practice becoming a status quo? Why don’t they play games which need more people and physical interaction?

A few years ago, when the Internet was less popular and diverse, people were happier and healthier, they used to spend a real time moment with their friends and relatives by scheduling a meeting at a certain interval. But today we remain busy with our mobile necessarily or unnecessarily even in our get-together. We start and end our day by checking our mobiles and spending time on the Internet. It seems the Internet has hypnotized people to spend time with it. We can find people using mobile while walking on the road, people are more inclined to their phones and the Internet even in webinar and parties rather focussing on contents and meeting new people to build a network. A lot of examples are present in our society, we just need to open our eyes.

Recently, I visited my village after a long while. My relatives and other villagers were happy to meet me. we spent time together with no Internet connectivity, mobile switched off and everything there was natural and supportive full of energy and enthusiasm. I also visited my farmlands and knew some tips on cultivating crops. No stress sign was present either on my face or others. Making fun of each other, pulling the legs of our friends, sharing old memories and new happenings, understanding the changes at both places, such moments rejoice us and bring positivity to us. And the best thing was the pure and sweet environment which we lack because of our distractions due to the Internet.

That day, I decided to reduce the use of social media and unnecessary Internet surfing. I used to be a frequent user of Instagram and Facebook, and relate myself with their posts and memes which gradually took shelter in my subconscious mind. One thing I have realized, I guess you may have realized, the impact of our surroundings (social media, people, incidents, etc.) on our subconscious mind forces us to create a boundary for friends and strangers isolating us from the real world and its experiences.

The Last Corner

Internet is not always full of flaws; it has its pros too. We can connect with the world, aware of global happenings, have faster and easier lives just in one touch. It is because of the Internet availability that I have a global audience to read my blog. But we should understand the proper use of anything. We may have many reasons, to say, to use the Internet but we need to find a genuine reason to spend time on the Internet. Do not let yourself to isolate from others, use your time wisely because this is your life, and you are the owner of your life.

P.S –  I have raised a few questions in this blog and hope that our readers will think about them and respond in the comment section.

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