Are You stuck in Your Comfort Zone? Don’t Worry, Here are The Tips to Get Out of It.

Comfort, the word itself says ‘I am free from pain, Safe, comfortable, and cosy’. Comfort zone is a state of mind creating an environment or boundary of familiarity, lower stress, less effort. Since humans are different in nature, thoughts, and experiences so as their comfort zone. Some people, in their comfort zone, love to watch movies while some love to sleep whereas some may involve themselves in talking with people and so on.

The comfort zone is addictive and it directly associates human behaviour. Human behaviour determines their lifestyle, thoughts, decision-making ability, career, and success. Not every human shows the courage to get out of their comfort zone and those who do taste great heights in their life.

Have you ever noticed a milkman getting up early in the morning and supplying milk to their customers? Most of the milkmen remain engaged in the same job because it has become their comfort zone. They don’t want to get out of their cocoon and they find it too risky and almost impossible.

Anything which stops you from growing yourself, taking the risk, trying something new, and anything which helps you in living at ease, providing a cosy atmosphere, then you are in your comfort zone. When you happen to be uncomfortable, anxious, and stressed, you are either outside of your comfort zone or stepping out of it. True, stepping out of your comfort zone, initially, is threatening and disheartening but later on it is fruitful.

Really! getting out of your comfort zone is too risky or is it your choice that stops you to get out of your comfort zone. Sharing some tips to help you.

Believe yourself and take the first step – Self-believe is the key to realize your worth and helps you to negate lower esteem and feelings like ashamed on yourself. To start is always difficult but everything starts with an end of something. It is an olden saying once you start your half work is done and start always before you are fully ready.

Try to know the magnitude of your fear – Your fear is the biggest hindrance in your growth. Find out what puts you in fear. How often do you feel uncomfortable and for what reasons? Where does your fear live? What makes you uncomfortable? By getting clear on your discomforts it will be easier for you to analyse the situation putting you into trouble and help you in opening door to new growth.

Revisit your accomplishments and achievements – Achievements and accomplishments are the results of your courage, faith, and hard work. When you are stuck in your comfort level, revisit your highest achievement and success, and remember the process done to make that successful. You will regain your lost courage and confidence.

Avoid blaming and start taking accountability – Blaming others for some mistakes are normal in day to day life, and even at the workplace. It only leads you to lower your credibility, and in weak resilience. Take accountability for your mistakes or act, learn from them, and move forward with full enthusiasm.

Involve yourself in some volunteering activity – Start volunteering at some organisations or NGOs preferably unfamiliar with you. You will get new experience and the environment to work. This will bring a change and freshness to you.

Don’t take yourself seriously – Learn to laugh at your mistakes and spend time with your family and friends. Taking a risk and moving forward bring both success and failure, do not let your failure weighs you rather enjoy the process and learning. If you are unable to handle something share that with your family and friends. Do not hold yourself.

Take small steps – Start everything with baby steps but constantly. Take small steps towards your fear to overcome. If you wish to be a public speaker, start speaking to small groups. Do not stop yourself there on, gradually keep yourself moving on to a larger group of audiences. Remember focus on the process, not the result.

Focus on one thing at a time – To get out of your comfort zone do not jump on everything at a time. Focus on completing one thing at a time as it saves time and effort. It boosts confidence, productivity, concentration, and better results quicker than multitasking.

Compare both the outcomes: worst and favourable – Ask yourself questions like ‘what is the best and worst scenario that could happen?’. These questions help you to understand your level of comfort and discomfort in either of the situation and support you in channelizing your energy accordingly. This may also be useful for your future interviews.

The Last Corner

Getting out of the comfort zone is scary but possible. We should take action rather than focussing on our thinking, as action speaks and shows the real you to the world. We need to get uncomfortable and push ourselves to try new things or habits repetitively. When we start feeling uncomfortable then only, we are comfortable because a comfort zone is a very beautiful place to be in but barren land. We should not consume our time in thinking and day-dreaming, but in taking action.

I have stepped out of my comfort zone and started my workout at 4:30 am. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?

4 thoughts on “Are You stuck in Your Comfort Zone? Don’t Worry, Here are The Tips to Get Out of It.

  1. Taking responsibility and doing one thing at a time are major ones for me. That’s because I tend to blame everything else (the rain preventing me from running, the boss taking a long time to approve my work) instead of focusing on what I can do.

    I also tend to do too many new things at a time and that really kills my momentum in creating a new habit.

    Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Stuart Thanks for giving your time to read my post. I am happy that, from my post, you are gaining something relevant to your soul.
      I also request you to suggest some topics which you want to read about. let’s stay connected together.


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