Digital Life is the New Normal. Are You Habituated to It?

From visiting mom and pop stores to online shopping, from self-cooking to ordering online food, from meeting in person to texting on social media sites, from waiting in a bank queue to making online transactions, from kundli matching to finding a match online, from working in an office to working from home, from playing in the ground to playing in smartphones, habits change. This change in habits leads to a new life called Digital life.

Digital life is, simply, an online foot-printing. It makes people more independent and provides flexibility to live a life they imagine. Smartphone and better internet connectivity appear as the right tools to be a part of digital life. It is not wrong to say, today, smartphones are the new wallet. With online foot-printing, everything is just one click away.

Offline to Online Shift

Buyer’s purchasing behaviour appears fast-changing and the shift from offline to online shows their flexibility to adapt changes and innovations. Technology, the internet, social media, and smartphones are the key elements behind this shift.

Internet and online services improve the way customer shops, no matter if it is a small or wide selection of goods. The better deals, discounts, quick comparison between products, home deliveries, are a few of the perks to attract online purchasing.

Long hour of shopping journey seems done and dusted with a single click without hurting comfort zone. Traffic commute from office to home and vice versa escapes with the introduction of work from home.

Filling up online forms for college admissions, job vacancies, etc. becomes hassle-free, time-saving, and easier than struggling in a queue to get one. Networking with professionals now turns up a cakewalk using social networking sites like LinkedIn, Meetup, and other such.

Covid-19 pandemic dismays the whole world, thanks to the technology and digital life, virtual meetings, concerts, interviews, set off a new lifestyle leaving behind the conventional one. Students too run after online lectures and increase their productivity by saving time commuting to coaching classes.

How Digital Life Satisfies Millennials

Connectivity – Digitalization brings localization. It connects the whole world via different social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Digital lifestyle brings a sense of belongingness or a sense of togetherness to the whole world irrespective of any differences like caste, creed, gender, religion, race, etc.

Flexibility or Versatility – Digital life with the help of technology transforms the nature of works. It allows working remotely without marking physical presence in the office building. Digital life also allows to work at a comfort zone, no need to dress up, work sitting on recliner or couch, or bed.

Less Disturbance – online lifestyle allows staying away from chaos. For example, working from home provides less disturbance from colleagues, bosses, and other calls during work. Online learning also saves time from disturbing classroom friends and other hindrances. Thus, practicing digital life saves time and efforts, and brings more productivity and less disturbance.

Downsizing the Separation – Today, everything is online from news to entertainment. No need to go to different places to collect information or experience. Take a smartphone and get good internet connectivity and secure everything handy.

Learning opportunity – Digital Lifestyle lets individual to utilize the extra time in learning new hobbies. It redefines learning and allows learners easy accessing from anywhere and anytime unlikely to the traditional mode of learning.

How Digital Life Dissatisfies Millennials

Less Disciplined – Digital life allows flexibility and freedom but ends up making less disciplined. No proper dress up, no sleep and get-up time, no proper routine to follow, loves to be in a comfort zone, all such practices break the shield of activeness and bring in laziness. Thus, more comfort comes up with less disciplined.

More Working Hour – Use of technology at work enhances speed and performance but ends up with hectic and long working hours. Large numbers of mail checking, data organizing like minutes of meetings, social media posts, and other such cause to spend more time apart from the scheduled working hour.  

Social Isolation – Virtual communication fashions over meeting in person. Today, everyone lives merely a text away and believes in meeting online rather the meeting in person. Even on social gathering places like café, restaurants, people communicate online irrespective of face to face communication.

Creates Addiction – The more the features, the more time consuming and addictive. Online and offline games, online shopping, texting, many active apps in smartphones, make people spend more time online. Gradually, people start living with virtual emotions while missing out on the right emotions.

Privacy Concern – Privacy concern always stays at risk in digital technology. Data hacking is one of the major concerns, for that algorithm needs to be constantly updated. Plagiarism and copy and pasting of information is a common practice.

The Last Corner

The new is always better than the old but not the best. I believe the best does not exist because everything has its pros and cons. We need to do is to stay calm and accept changes coming into our lives. Today, Digital lifestyle is the result of gradual changes in our society, innovations, experience, technology, knowledge, through which we aim to live a life of our choice. We practice digital lifestyle but at what cost, just merely a need of the hour or because of our awareness? The choice is always ours and the question is too – ‘Are we habituated to the digital lifestyle?’.

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