Have You Ever Cared for Your Emotional Health as Much as Your Physical Health?

Head and Tail are the two phases of a coin, similarly, a healthy body has two sides emotional health and physical health. For a healthy life, you must balance your emotional health and physical health, ignorance of one can lead you to an unhealthy and other serious consequence. According to WHO ‘There is no health without mental/emotional health’. Many things happen in your life that can challenge your emotional health. People having good health are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Are you aware of your behavior, thoughts, and feelings? Have you ever paid attention to your emotional training along with your gym training?

What is Emotional Health?

Emotional health can be referred to as social, personal, and psychological health. It includes your feelings, thoughts, the ability to handle difficulties, decision-making abilities, behavior, and the quality of relationships. Your emotional health is one of the pillars of maintaining your good health. It is also responsible for making you happy, active, energetic, and bringing in you a charismatic personality. Emotional health also increases your endurance, self-esteem, confidence, performance, and productivity at the workplace. In a nutshell, it is responsible for your overall well-being.

Connection Between Emotional and Physical Health

Physical health and emotional health are indeed made for each other type. Both cannot survive isolated. Research also suggests physical exercise improves the functioning of your brain. It produces hormones like endorphin which boosts your mood and makes you happier. Similarly, poor emotional health can affect your healthy decision-making ability, cause some chronic ailments, make you lethargic and dizzy. Neglecting your emotional health can result in you some of the serious complications like depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, obesity, fatigue, etcetera. Having good emotional health, you can cope up with your life’s challenges and share a healthy relationship with yourselves and others.

Stopping Factors to Talk About your Emotional Health

  • Fear of social judgement – Society accepts talking about physical health but not mental health. Society relates to emotional health in terms of getting mad. This is because an emotional illness is behavioral, not physical. That is the reason you do not dare to talk about your emotional illness openly.
  • Lack of awareness – People are not aware of emotional health and its benefits. They consider it a waste of time and take it casually. Emotional health and its benefits are not included in any country’s educational systems. So, you do not have the habit of paying attention to this.
  • Considering it a taboo – Talking about emotional health is completely taboo in many parts of the world. It is associated with witch attack and black magic. If you belong to such parts of the world you may have experienced it.
  • Hiding mental illness is a sign of confident and mature – Most men consider ignoring emotional illness is a manly behavior. If you too consider the same, then you need to introspect. Remember, this illness is very common and is increasing at a faster pace. Neglecting emotional illness may cause a chronic situation. So, it is the right time to get away from your prejudices.

Consequences of Ignorance of Emotional Illness

  • Depression – Depression is a very common problem for all age groups. It can be mild or severe. It may come and go, or it may last longer. It affects your thought, feelings, and behaviour and it can have a big impact on your overall health and performance. You may be depressed if you feel sad, restless, hopeless lack of interest or pleasure in life, tired, trouble in concentration, lack of focus, and other such behavioural act.
  • Anxiety – Everyone gets nervous at a time in life. A little nervousness or worries is alright but if it persists longer, it needs your attention. Otherwise, it may cause a problem in your daily life and may lead you to depression or too much stress which can not be normal.
  • Sleep Deprivation – Emotional illness may affect your sleep cycle. Either you will sleep a lot, or you will not. For proper functioning of your body sleeping acts like a booster, it energizes and relaxes your brain. Sound sleep helps to repair and to restore your muscles, immunity system, and other hormones. It also sharpens your memory.
  • Bipolar Disorder – Bipolar Disorder is associated with mood swings ranging from high maniac to low depressive phase. It is often known as Maniac Depression. With Bipolar Disorder you may have trouble managing your everyday life task and your relationship. There is no cure for it may be because the exact cause of this disease is not known. But many available treatments can help you to manage the symptoms.

Coping Strategies with Emotional Illness

  • Start Reading – Develop a habit of reading books. You can start with one book in a week. Reading habits can broaden your knowledge, boost your confidence, motivate you, inspire you, make you happy. Reading impacts your brain into action, maintains concentration, and improves your memory.
  • Yoga and Meditation – According to a study practicing 25 minutes of yoga and meditation every day can boost your brain functions, cognitive abilities, and the ability to control knee-jerk emotional responses. It also improves your breathing and creates mental clarity and calmness, relaxes the brain, and relieves chronic stress patterns.
  • Exercise – Exercise increases heart rate and blood circulation in your body. It also stimulates growth of the brain cells and prevents the aging effect. It produces hormones like dopamine and endorphins which makes you energetic and happy.
  • Reduce the use of Social Media – People spending more than two hours a day on social media have a higher tendency to develop mental illness. It stops you from being multitasking. It is an addiction and you may have witnessed Phantom Vibration Syndrome which is you feel like your phone is buzzing but it is not.
  • Spend Time with People – This is a social media age, and you may have thousands of friends in your social media pages. But have you ever spent time with your parents, family and have tried to know them emotionally? If not, then develop this habit, talk to your parents, family, and friends. Develop an emotional connection with them. Discuss your day, try to know about their life and experiences, be friendly with them. Believe me, you will experience immense energy in you which only you can feel. Start this with 30 days tenure.
  • Healthy Eating Habit – Develop a healthy food habit to make your brain and body healthy. Your body gets energy food. Increase intakes of water as your body is composed of 70% of water. Includes green vegetables, fruits, fish, roughage, and other sources of fiber in your food.

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