How to remain efficient while @ Work from Home?

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Have you ever imagined going beyond the office culture and suddenly start practising work from home lifestyle? Certainly, I have not. Whole world is now adapting work from home, thanks to global pandemic Covid-19. Adapting changes are tough but to maintain it is tougher. So, how can you remain productive while working from your recliner or couch or kitchen or bedroom?

These five approaches can help you cultivate your time away from office.

Maintaining a regular schedule

Setting a regular schedule always presents a good start to the day, it also helps enhancing your efficiency and keeping you motivated and less stressed. Set a goal for every working day get up early, get dressed, check your mail, draw a daily workflow, take breakfast before you start work. Be sure setting up a realistic expectation so you can stick on it. Try not to avoid food, take proper food at regular interval. Do not fix yourself to any boundaries rather be flexible to make changes in your schedule based on your work. This helps you being disciplined at your work from home.

Create a workspace at home

It’s always alluring working from couch or bed, but this may end up trolling your productivity. Design a proper workspace at home consisting a desk, a chair, to experience workplace ambience. Also, focus on your comfortability while working or else you will end up distracted.

Create a peaceful workspace, it helps you concentrating more on your work and making you more efficient.

prioritize your work and Set daily goals

Know your priority, and it’s true either you are at workplace or at work from home. List all your tasks and figure out important ones, immediately to be done and effort and time taking task and rank them based on your urgency. Also, set daily goals, this helps reducing burden from you and keeping you efficient and motivated and also, set an action program to help you to stay on track which further helps realizing you your progress.

Take regular breaks

Avoid working continuously for a longer time, it’s always good to take break. Break at a regular interval energizes your brain and boosts your confidence. Some researchers suggest it is ideal to take a break of 10-15 minutes after every 50-55 minutes of work. During this break you can take a cup of tea, enjoy coffee, talk to your friends, solve a puzzle, go for a walk, and then come back to work. Break is necessary for your brain because brain also needs to rest. So, do not avoid it.

Stay connected with your colleague

Work from home is always tempting but it also puts you into isolation and further can lead to weakened productivity and motivation. Use technology, your phone, social media to connect your co-workers by instant messaging, video conferencing, if you fail to meet them face to face. Schedule a meeting with your co-workers on coffee, organize a get-together, invite them to lunch or dinner or for drinks. This builds a strong relation with your co-workers. Actually, you can not avoid social meeting because it is a part of your psychological well-being.

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